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In today’s inter-connected global economy, it is important to have trusted advisors to help traverse the increasingly complex tax rules associated with doing business internationally. Tripping over these rules can have dire consequences on a company’s bottom line.

The current economic environment is more perilous than ever with economies continuing to experience low growth rates and unable to decrease their spending. As a result, tax authorities around the world are under increasing pressure to raise revenue. Governments have also become more sensitive to structuring and planning schemes that do not contain economic substance and are merely used to avoid tax. In fact, in recent years, taxing authorities and multinational agencies have introduced numerous measures to curb the use of “inappropriate” tax planning tools. These measures include adopting new harsh anti-abuse legislation, classifying certain specific transactions as illegal and increasing information reporting requirements.

Technology now also gives governments the ability to more effectively track and capture relevant data regarding taxpayers. Whereas in the past it may have been easier to avoid detection, today it is much harder to so as governments are now also sharing data through automatic exchange of information programs, “Country-by-Country” reporting and other information reporting measures. This too makes it more difficult to stay under the tax radar.

These risks are not only applicable internationally, but are also present in the US. In recent years, the IRS has increased its focus on internationally active businesses and investors by initiating a number of programs that specifically target their activities.

The increased complexity associated with these rules makes it challenging for companies and investors to operate internationally without stumbling over these rules. Even companies that have already gone global have difficulty keeping up with all the various requirements.

In order to successfully navigate these rules, companies need to be able to rely on experienced professionals to help guide them.

Our team has deep experience with all forms of international transactions. Our professionals have advised high net worth individuals, small and medium sized companies, investment entities, and multi-national corporations on various international tax matters.

Whether you are in the US or outside of it, we can assist with your tax planning needs and with helping you remaining compliant with the international tax requirements throughout the business and investment lifecycle.

Wherever you decide to do business let our team manage your international tax affairs so that you can focus on the important task of running your business.


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