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Accelerate Depreciation

In general, real estate is depreciated over either 27.5 years or 39 years depending on whether the property is residential or commercial. Through the performance of a cost segregation study, a significant portion of the real estate may be reclassified for tax purposes and depreciated more quickly resulting in tax deferral, increased cash flow and present value savings.

The value of a cost segregation study can be illustrated by the following example.

Taxpayer purchases building for $4.75 million excluding the land. If the taxpayer does not undertake a cost segregation study, the building will get depreciated over 39 years. After five years the taxpayer will have accumulated $603,900 of depreciation.

If a cost segregation study is undertaken, then eligible assets may be reclassified to shorter depreciation periods. In this example assume as follows:

  • Property reclassified to 5 year personal property = $200,000
  • Property reclassified to 7 year personal property = $300,000
  • Property reclassified to 15 year land improvements = $475,000

The reclassification results in additional depreciation over the first five years of $476,515.

Assuming a 40% rate of tax, the five-year tax savings equals $190,606.

Assuming an 8% discount rate, the present value tax savings over the first five years is $167,326.

As you can see from the example above, a cost segregation study can yield significant benefits.  

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